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Our products, containing only the chemicals produced by the natural processes of worms, fermentation of fish and plants, and fungal and microbial digestion bring your plants and soil the perfect balance of organic plant and soil chemistry.

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At Galil Soil Farm we work with what nature leaves over. The bottom line is that at Galil Soil Farm, nothing goes to waste and waste gets turned into gold.

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Part science, part art, creating our sustainable fertilizers and soil amendments is often more art than science.

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Our products are probiotic, full of beneficial microbes, thriving with active biology.

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Teaming with Microbes Approved

Galil Soil Farm Products are Jeff Lowenfels' "Teaming with Microbes All-Natural Gardening" Approved.

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Within Israel, shipping is free on all orders over 250 NIS. Outside of Israel, shipping costs are based on weight. 
Yes. But for international orders, customer accepts full responsibility once the product has been shipped.
Yes. Schools, Community Gardens, and Church/Synagogue/Mosque Garden Clubs receive a 20% discount on all orders.
Yes. Plant Maintenance Solution Concentrate can be used in home hydroponic systems as an all-purpose fertilizer.
Sure. Give us a call at 050-413-7056 (Isreal) or at 646-797-5838 (Outside of Israel).

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Galil Soil Farm started because as passionate home growers and gardeners living in Israel, we weren't able to get the chemical-free, rich biological soil amendments we so yearned to get our hands on. So with no other choice we began producing our own bio-fertilizers, soil amendments, and plant foods. First it started with regular compost, then worm castings, then into compost teas and Terra Pretta (biochar), and most recently into bio-fermentation techniques. After a few years of production for personal use, seeking to provide others with the very best plant and soil food, the stuff we were using on our own plants, we grew our passion into a business. Enjoy! We know your plants will!

Always testing out our fertilizers in the Galil Soil Farm test garden we have plenty of kale.

The Kale Project

We donate our kale to medical patients in Israel and the Palestinian Authority in need of dark leafy greens to supplement their diet. If you think you qualify have your doctor get in touch with us.