FAA (Fish Amino Acid)

What it does: Rich with Nitrogen (N). Enhances the growth of crops during their vegetative growth period. Can be used as a soil fertilizer and as a foliar spray. Increases yield and improve taste and fragrance. Helps activate micro organisms.

  • Category: Concentrates





What it is: Fish emulsions have been documented to promote seedling growth, fruiting, and microbe action in the soil. One such emulsion, fish amino acid (FAA), is produced by fermenting fresh fish by-products (bones, head, skin, and other tankage parts) with brown sugar. FAA can be used as a stand-alone fertilizer or in conjunction with other Galil Soil Farm inputs and applied as either a light foliar mist or a soil drench to maximize uptake and minimize runoff or leaching, providing just enough N (Nitrogen) to the plant for optimum uptake and the production of chlorophyll to maintain plant health.

Contains naturally occurring probiotic essential for healthy plant growth and soil development. 

How to Use:

Dilute 1:1000 or 3/4 tsp to 4 litters water.

When to Use:

  • Soil Preparation & Seed Soak (Stage 1)
  • Leaf & Growth (Stage 2)

Teaming with Microbes Approved